Value chain management platform that will ease your relationship with suppliers

  • It is your SUPPLIER´S PORTAL.
  • Simplify and automatize transactions with suppliers.
  • Customized view to each account payables.

Wupplier in 2 minutes

What is Wupplier

  • It allows for your suppliers to upload all invoices into the platform (PDF), from their own computer or cell phone, simply typing and attaching documents. It is the easiest possible way, from any device.

  • Supplier's document and data management and consolidation (contracts, licenses, etc.).

  • Instant payables claim service management thru an associated chat to every invoice, and also via SMS.

  • Transparent access to state of accounts payables.

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What makes us different

  • Wupplier eliminates manual processes for your accounts payables.

  • It simplifies your administrative management and relationships with suppliers.

  • Invoice follow up, real-time interaction with your suppliers.

  • Document consolidation and management (invoices, attachments, etc.).

  • Compatible with any ERP software.

  • We also offer your suppliers an invoice pre-payment service at a discount, providing the necessary cash flow when needed.

The Problem

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High administrative related costs.

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Communication issues between clients and suppliers.

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Urgent financing needs.

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Uncertain cash flow predictions.

The Solution

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Invoice management.

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ERP (SAP/Oracle/Microsoft, etc) integration.

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Invoice discounts from advance payment service.

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Updated financial information.

Our competitive advantage

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    Intuitive platform.

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    Competitive price.

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    Invoice management and real-time financial information.

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    Cost savings from the suppliers invoice cash advance and claim management services.

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    Additional income for company treasury.

Invoice manager

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Register the invoice and notify about its state and due date.

Money Desk

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Simplify the early invoice payment process management.

How we Operate

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    We meet your team, and your working methodologies in order to share our experience and perspectives. We get to know your systems and only then we make a business proposal.

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    We fully integrate Wupplier with your systems, train your team and your main suppliers on how to use our platform.

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    Once we measure the first results and succeed on the trial period, we then expand and activate all services for you to use Wupplier´s full potential with all of your suppliers.

Functionalities & Implementation

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Web accessible portal for your suppliers to upload their invoices from any digital device.

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Integrative to any corporate system/environment and ERP.

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Security copies established at the client headquarters to guarantee content safety.

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Content management related to suppliers documentation, with a special focus on due dates.

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    Our clients from this sector usually come from the food and textile categories. In this case, value creation comes from Wupplier´s capacity to manage and follow up on orders.

    There is also a common challenge among these companies: encounter high costs when it comes to digitalizing and mechanizing invoicing processes due to a range of technological disparity in each one of them, from those with complex informational systems to those who still operate manually, on paper.

    Wupplier helps them specially on:
    - Order claim management.
    - Capacity to provide financing/cash flow to their suppliers.
    - Optimize the accounts payables process in their systems.

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    Similar to other existing Wupplier clientele, the high volume of invoices these companies regularly receive is a common denominator for this sector as well.

    Without forgetting the complex influx for approvals, many times tied to milestones or variable objectives (certifications, permits, etc), and with direct intervention of the job site's property, ultimately accepting the expense and validating part of the process.

    Wupplier helps them specially on:
    - Manage the chain of acceptance for each expense: from the job owner, certifying company, builder and finally, the supplier.
    - Centralize all documentation related to each supplier (contracts), and to each invoice (certificates).
    - Provides transparency to the entire process and communicates its state to each party, and should there be a bottle neck, where is it located.

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    Hotels and restaurant services

    Many suppliers, small and medium quantities=usually low efficiency processes.

    This industry gives Wupplier a very specific use, since automatize is crucial not to get distracted in operations, and therefore not to loose the core focus for their business.

    Wupplier helps them specially on:
    - Automatize the invoice reception, approval and order placement process.
    - Manage any potential claim in real-time, without deploying any other resources.
    - Using its app to verify the reception of the actual order within the approval influx process.

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